Youth Forum for Social Justice (YFSJ) is a youth-founded and youth-led non-governmental and non-for-profit indigenous youth organization founded in 2016 as a Community Based Organization and registered in 2020 respectively with Abim District Local Government. YFSJ current membership comprises both individuals, CSOs, NGOs and implementing partners working to ensure human rights defenders protection, human rights promotion and protection of everyone, human rights monitoring, documenting, interviewing and reporting, digital security and internet governance, sexual reproductive health rights and environmental and climate justice. YFSJ is currently operating in the district of Abim with a prospect of extending its programme area to Kotido, Napak and Karenga, all located in the semi-arid region of Northern Uganda in North Eastern Uganda.

The history of our current areas of operation has been characterized by severe and unfortunate incidences of gross abuse and violation of human rights accompanied with hostile political climate subjecting the communities to under development.

There have been massive and wanton killings of people and rustling of livestock for over 50 years. The community has inadequate knowledge on human rights, internet use, coupled with high cases of sexual gender-based violence, indiscriminate tree cutting and poaching in the buffer zones of Kidepo and mineral exploitation at the expense of the members of the community. These many years of livestock rustling and LRA (Lord Resistance Army rebel group) insurgence in the region subjected the communities from limited access to technological advancements, human rights knowledge and human rights specific projects to cause mindset change and behavioral change in the community, high prevalence of HIV/AIDs, teenage pregnancy and gross depletion of the ecosystems.

To-date, most youth and their families have resorted to heavy drinking, early marriages and pregnancies, drugs/substance abuse, rural-urban migration, environmental depletion for charcoal burning, mining among others which all has driving forces to human rights abuse, economic impoverishment and the various social problems. All these acts arouse as a result of lack of a good political climate.